About us

Platform No 5 Was Established in 2016

The Journey So Far

Platform No.5 was established in 2016 by Charlie and her husband. Their dream to run a small local business close to home and the kids school came to life and its being going strong ever since.

The community feel and returning customer base, is something that Charlie loves along with offering great meals at reasonable prices.  Having a space where people can sit and enjoy great coffee and food with friends and family is so satisfying.

Charlie has 3 children and dedicates much time between juggling both her business and family life, which is super important to her.

We Love our Customers

Our loyal customers and growing new customer base makes our little cafe feel so rewarding.

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Our Passion

Everyone loves food and coffee and sharing it with friends and family really brings people closer together.

Our Wonderful Team

We love our team here at Platform No 5 because they are all so awesome. 

They’ve all become extended family and we’re so proud to have them serving our community here at Glenfield. 



Chloe has been smashing out coffees for over 8 years, you can be sure to get a delicious coffee from Chloe every time, she may be quiet, but she is concentrating on getting that milk done just right!

She is a fabulous artist and is pursuing this career during her downtime from Platform No.5.  You can enjoy Chloes artwork in the cafe and across our menu, as she has a dab hand at the graphics throughout.



Elisa is our early morning gun.  She makes amazing coffees in the morning for our customers and then works hard on her own business during the day.  She has a super successful clothing business which she has been running for many years.  She’s artistic, fiery and is great to talk to.


Kitchen cook

Jane is a total champion, she cooks up a storm and can also make an incredible coffee.  She is studying to become a Vet so most of her time is taken up at University and then studying.  She mostly help us out at the cafe during the Uni holidays.


Barista and kitchen hand

Jean makes a bloody mean coffee, she has also been with us at P5 for many years and is studying at Uni.  Her skills in the kitchen are improving all the time and she is thoughtful about everything she does, to create her best work.



Upen creates magic in the kitchen.  He has been with us now for many years, also a local guy and a family man.  His passion for creating delicious meals means that our locals and beyond and can enjoy a great feed that is made with love.  Upen can also make a great coffee, so he is hands-on  across the board.


Owner and all rounder

Charlie is passionate about customer service and enjoying a good chat with all her customers.  It has been important to her to create a friendly environment for both staff and customers to enjoy whilst at Platform No.5.  You will see her out front making coffees and also out in the kitchen helping chef.

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